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4E INTERNSHIP Program: Transforming Executives to Entrepreneurs

Business Management Education without parallel domain experience can give you just a Degree only. The industry needs Skilled and competent People not people with just qualifications and Degrees.

At ADMIPro, we are committed to nurturing the students in competence building and Life Skill development, so that they can become invaluable and expert human assets for the industry.

Therefore we provide 360-degree experiential learning in Digital marketing to the students who join the PGDM-TRIPLE SPECIALIZATION program through our uniquely designed and developed 4E INTERNSHIP model. The 4E internship model is an integrated model of 4 Es:


Get EDUCATED in Digital Marketing concepts, tools and techniques

EARN through Live projects and internship

Become a Digital ENTREPRENEUR


From Day 1, the students are treated not as a student but as an Executive Trainee. They are educated thoroughly and trained practically with our robust technology platform and proven Teaching-Learning Process. From the first Term, they experience the joy of earning through an internship as they execute live projects from India and abroad. As they travel through this learning and earning cycle, they can become a privileged member of the elite Digital Entrepreneur Club, which can be a milestone of achievement for the interns’ career.


  • One Week long power packed Induction Program
  • Program Delivery by Experienced and Expert Trainers from Industry
  • Orientation about the global business, market, and culture by International faculty
  • Experiential Learning through Case discussions, practical assignments, and industry visits
  • Employability Fitment Lab ( EFL) for job skill enhancement
  • Personal effectiveness training with Yoga and Value education
  • Foreign Language Training (German and Spanish)
  • Communication Studio for Language and Presentation Training


  • Live SEO
  • Live SMM
  • Content Development and Marketing
  • Automation and E-mail Marketing
  • ORM


  • Monthly Internship Stipend

Digital Entrepreneurship Club ( Club with Class)

  • Exclusive membership privilege
  • Access to E-commerce tools
  • Real-time trading and marketing
  • Profit-sharing
  • Business Networking
  • Participation in Startup events.