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At ADMIPro we aim to nurture you for a career in Digital Marketing. Whether you are a fresh Graduate, who looks for exploring the vast opportunities in Marketing or you seek to develop your career in your existing organization, our Career Mentoring Services team will help you advance your career to the next level.
A dedicated Career Coach will work with you throughout the program to identify the best possible ways to achieve your career goals and support your career development. Career coaching is complemented by a rich program of job fitment workshops, training sessions and group work on career development.

The Career Coaching Services will equip you with:

• A stronger awareness of what you want to achieve in your career
• An outstanding CV
• Practical networking skills
• Increased confidence and tips for interviewing
• Good knowledge of working with head-hunters
• A thorough understanding of how to progress your career.

As a member of the ADMIPro community, you also have access to a rich calendar of networking events with students, alumni, potential recruiters, and influential guest speakers. These events provide industry-oriented exposure to a variety of ideas, opportunities, and contacts beyond the program.
In addition to sessions run by the Career mentoring services team, you have online access to recommended reading on all aspects of career planning and career management, as well as a bank of job postings.
A dedicated business development team, are responsible for raising the profile of the School, building and growing relationships with organizations, and increasing the number of job postings for students.
Regular events enable students and alumni to network face-to-face with companies and institutions from around the world.